How Much Does Cabinet Painting Cost?

“How much does cabinet painting cost?” It’s a reasonable question for anyone who has looked at their existing cabinetry and thought it could use some new life. Most people know that replacement cabinets are expensive and require a great deal of work and disruption – demo, dust, clean-up, and installation. Replacement cabinets are usually saved for complete renovations and worst-case scenarios. However, cabinet painting can seem like the perfect option for anyone looking to change the appearance of their cabinets but save some money compared to replacement.


When trying to understand the cost of cabinet painting, it’s important to understand that cabinetry is not a wall or a ceiling; it is much more similar to pieces of fine woodworking. Cabinets come in a wide variety of wood materials, including maple, cherry, oak, and more. They are intricately designed. They contain joints and seams. They are easily damaged or broken. They require expertise. Yes, even when it comes to painting them. There are plenty of residential painters who will paint cabinets. There are handymen out there who will paint cabinets. You can find tutorials on how to DIY your own cabinet painting. However, the true cost of cabinet painting is tied to the care, expertise, and peace of mind you are getting from the professionals you hire to paint them.

The Cabinet Painting Company treats cabinet painting as a specialty… as our specialty. We have built our company around the mission of helping homeowners restore their pride in homeownership through cabinet painting and refinishing.

If you searched for the cost of cabinet painting throughout the Tampa Bay area and beyond, you would find that professional cabinet painters will charge approximately $80-$150 for every “opening” in your cabinets. An opening is defined as a door or drawer front. However, features like end caps, range hoods, trim work, refrigerator boxes, and other parts of kitchens and bathrooms could also be factored in as openings and will affect the overall cost of the project.

So, if you want a ballpark idea of how much your cabinet painting will cost, count up all the doors, drawers, and specialty spaces and consider how many extras you want to add (multiple colors, soft closers for doors, oak filler, etc.) and start doing the math. However, it is important to note that every project is different, and this is just a rough idea of the project cost. The only true way to determine the cost for cabinet painting in your home is to schedule your free, no-obligation, in-home estimate with our cabinet painting estimating expert.